Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Enjoy Maadi

I have been cribbing for quite sometime about life at Hyderabad not being too eventful and i have contrived to a decision that if one has to enjoy life and spend money, one has to work in Bangalore.


1. Most/All of your friends invariably work in Bangalore.
2. You have numerous malls and weekends can't get better with the 'bird-watching opportunity' one always gets at these hangouts.
3. Since almost all of your college chums sit here, there is no scarcity of gossip.
4. You start biking like crazy for otherwise commuting is usually tough on weekdays.
5. Your virtues get better as you need to exercise a lot of patience owing to traffic.
6. You will not find any difficulties in knowing Bangalore's geography as it is almost a straight line on the map.
7. If you are a 'tamilian' you tend to feel at home for the language is spoken almost at every street corner.
8. Most/All high paying jobs are available in the city for almost every Indian company has a branch here.
9. You become immune to most/all air-borne diseases as the normal amount of Carbon Monoxide you inhale is awfully high and it overrides or suppresses other problems.
10. You can travel to any of the other three South Indian states by an overnight's journey.

If you are a Southie, Bangalore is 'the' place to be in.

P.S: Can somebody who has read this post find me a job at Bangalore? (Lol)


Kishore said...

In short, you are looking for a change so that you can spend time with your close-by. Right?

Also, do send in urs ( hope you get what I mean )


pradeep sekhar said...


Nothing personal about that post. Make it "spend time with your closebyS" and it would catch the intent. And yeah, sending "mine" asap. :-)

Harini Padmanabhan said...

Which field are you interested in?

pradeep sekhar said...

Hey I would love to be an analyst or a consultant. Journalism is one of my interests too. You know of some opening?