Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Life would have been better If

  • If I did not stop quizzing after high school because it involved a lot of preparation if one had to make a mark when on stage
  • If I really cultivated the habit of reading way earlier in life (say 7th standard or something)
  • If I concentrated on my chess and took it further when i started playing during my school days
  • If I did not take up engineering after school
  • If I did not opt for a dual degree from BITS ahead of a Comp. Sci degree at Anna University
  • If I knew after school that Journalism was a decently paying career option
  • If I did not appreciate the fact that getting high when in college was a fantasy
  • If I had inherited loads of money and a big business to look after when i graduated
  • If I really utilized my five years in BITS for constructive purposes
  • If I had the courage and money to start up on my own when I wrote my first business plan
  • If I really did not think MBA was the easiest path to money
  • If I did not choose Software Development for my First Job just because it pays me well
  • If I was born in a meagerly populated country
  • If I knew how to manage time better
  • If I was not the lazy goose that I am
  • If Engineers in the country got high paying management jobs right after graduation
  • If I could work from home always instead of going to the workplace daily
  • If I had realized PG Wodehouse is the most hilarious writer quite earlier
  • If I don't suffer from "lethologica" as frequently as I do
  • If I was really not in the position to write this post after all
These are a few of the million things that I regret for having done in Life. I bet everyone has a big list like this one and I know this post is one with which I can tag other bloggers after all.

After writing so much of what i feel, I am sure i have made quite a big deal "Thinking Aloud".

No points for guessing that I am a big pessimist after one reads this.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Yet Another Book Review: "Ring for Jeeves"

No matter what one might argue about PG Wodehouse's style of writing and the lack of seriousness and essence in the stories that he narrates, he is undoubtedly one of the most gifted authors who has the knack of taking his readers through a moving humorous novel each time he attempts to draft one. "Ring for Jeeves" is a typical one which is full of humor and sarcasm that offers a leisure read with all satisfaction.

The novel is arguably one of the most hilarious works ever offered, for the portrayal of characters is absolutely outstanding. In Biggar, the instrumental character in the plot, Wodehouse paints a naughty but witty hunter who plays an important role in the "All's well that ends well" climax that's in the offering. The protagonist Bill plays a dummy hero as he rides upon Jeeves' wit all through his difficulties in handling the comic villain Biggar.

What amuses me most is the way Wodehouse portrays wealthy widows in England for he mocks thoroughly upon their innocence and gullibility. The novel takes one through an entertaining ride with all ingredients of a hilarious British milieu.

The novel is a must read for light readers who enjoy the language and satiric tendencies more than the essence itself. It gives the right feel of PGW and his style of writing. A big hats off to the most hilarious writer of modern times.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Book Review: "Great Indian Novel"

Shashi Tharoor’s debut novel’’’’The Great Indian Novel“ presents a lot of material for many accusations. However from the title to the content you have to be a “proper" Indian down to the last bone in your body, if you’re going to truly appreciate this book. This is a satire and as is the case with such works you have to be an insider, to really “get” the joke.

So with that i would say, the book does bring about a successful marriage between The Mahabharata and Pre-Independence politics. For, the Mahabharata is probably the earliest account of the struggle for power and control.It is the story of the great war of Kurukshetra between the Pandavas and the Kauravas- the story of the war to establish the right over the Indian throne.Underlying it is the eternal conflict of Dharma versus Adharma. So on a bigger note, the concept of the book is tough to imagine. Outstanding i should say has been the thoughts behind it's creation.

The author through the voice of Ved Vyas takes us through the major events that shaped India’s destiny in the period that eventually culminated in freedom from the British. The second half of the book deals with the rise(& decay) of independent India & the woman who ruled her. It takes the characters out of the Mahabharata ,paints them with unmistakable traits of modern Indian politicians & in the process,turns both the ancient Indian epic & history on its head.

A Mohandas K Gandhi who stood up for his ideals & for his country was elevated to the status of a Mahatma. However we gloss over the fact that he had his failings. Whether it be eye-brow raising eccentricities like forcing his wife to lie naked next to him as an ultimate test of his self-control or more profound ones like his inability to prevent the partition of India despite his promise never to let that happen. He was only an ordinary man albeit one with extraordinary vision.

Would our history have been different if he had not had to maintain his image? We don't know. The novel makes one think on these lines is what i intended to convey.

Verdict: The marriage was a success, no doubt. But the reader has to put in extra efforts to appreciate the satiric way in which the novel has been narrated. Nevertheless, it gives a great picture of India from behind till date.

Worth a leisure reading when one really feels like contemplating on the two biggest phases of Indian history.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Vacation and Back

It's been quite sometime and bang... am back after a blissful week. The much needed vacation came my way and i literally had a chance to forget the stinking codomania for sometime. And it turned out to be an 'unforgettable 9 days' back home. The annual family tour was the highlight of the agenda. A four day trip to yercaud really helped me re-experience some fun and frolic. A reunion with cousins after a disastrously long time..not to say the least.

Friday, 29th May
12:15 PM - A high priority issue on my name is unsolved and needless to say, they expect me to fix it before i leave in exactly 1 hour and 45 minutes.

12:45 PM - Lunch time and still no development. Fretting around not knowing what to do. Boss comes down to say i would not be required to fix it, instead finish the pre vacation duties like time sheets and keep the task list neat and clean. What a respite!!!!!

1:15 PM - Last minute mails and other formalities underway, hunger strikes!!!!

1:30 PM - An express lunch- a frankie and a fruit bowl, for i have to catch the aero express to the areodrome at 2:30 (Hyderabad airport is close to an hour's drive from any part of the city)

2:30 PM - Just in time for the shuttle to the airport. Tensions levels coming down. Mind starts drifting to chennai and the trip to yercaud

6:00 PM - After a 2 hour long text-mania, the ceasefire on a personal war which lasted for more than a week comes to an end. Respite again.

7:00 PM - Home Sweet Home...Paruppu satham, Vatha kozhambu, Urla kazhangu roast, melagu rasam, appalam, thair sadham, oorga!!!! Mom at her best

10:00 PM - Mind is totally out of office and out of Hyderabad.

After a tense countdown, i finally got to board the train for an eventful summer vacation with the usual gang of 25. Cousins, Uncle, Aunty, Grand Parents to catch up with.... All wishes and congratualtions for having got an offer letter last week amidst the recession rods.

Mountain Top, Fresh Air, Ilayaraja music on the mall roads, Bajji kadai, Evening walk, Late night phone calls, Chat(Oor Vambu) sessions, Dumb charades, Tandoori dinner, 5 Star Lunch....The trip was great but for the sporadic incursions from a thousand miles away (U know what i mean, corporate world!!!!)

Back to chennai for a couple of more days to catch up with friends, Tea shop excursions, road side pani poori, Radio one with Suchi, Delicious food, Saturday evening Sun TV Movie, Relatives home, Weekend shopping, T20 World Cup cricket,Afternoon naps, 4 PM Novel with was all great till sunday night.

Monday morning Flight to hyderabad was a new experience, for i saw ( and travelled in) the smallest aircraft that i ve seen till date. A 30 odd seater with no head space, leg space et al.. Kingfisher Logo on the boarding pass and an Air Deccan Logo on the flight. A sad one and half hour journey..complicated by the discussions with one of the dumbest co passengers encountered ever. Reached home at 10 am and had to rush for a seminar at 10:30 am.
Work was waiting, Inbox was overflowing and boss was ready with the next iteration of codomania assignments.

I am back to WORK...Tougher assignments, no national holidays till august, Deadlines tighetened, Saturday workdays for the next few weeks,The Software Engineer is back with a bang......Sigh!!!!!!!

P.S. : Vacation pics coming up on the next post.

P.P.S : I Apologize for the use of a bunch of vernacular phrases and words here and there in the post. Unavoidable.