Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Hilariously Red

Adding to my previous post,

A fair few points from Liverpool's cakewalk over Man United. I am aware some Liverpool fans will see it as a ref rant; however it has a fair amount of criticism for under performing United players and appreciation for the best striker in the world as well as a funny.

- Man United played awful. They had no answer to Liverpool's 13 men.

- Liverpool played excellently well as a team, it was impossible for me to pick a man of the match. In the end I decided to go for that Liverpool player who was impeccable in defense, surging in midfield and clever in attack. We have missed that kind of box to box play provided by Andre Mariner last night since the good old days of Keano.

- Giggs and Scholes, with due respect to them, when played together won't trouble most teams. Giggs, Scholes and Carrick when played together won't trouble any teams.

- What must Anderson do to get a game ahead of Carrick?

- I would personally cab Dimitar Berbatov to whoever wants him. But I think nobody does...

- Can we sue Tottenham for selling us two counterfeit footballers for 50 million notes?

- Jamie Carragher is now officially the only defender in the world who is allowed to haul down players that have the ability, pace or temerity to get past him anytime, anywhere. Seriously, I will never know how he and Lucas saw the game through.

- Fernando Torres is simply unstoppable on his bad days. And he is simply unstoppable on his good days. I doff my hat.

- It is better to play with 10 men rather than having Nani on the pitch.

And ending with a funny...

- Liverpool may just get one of those Europa League spots now.

P.S: This is another person's view from a famous football mail forum and i found it HILARIOUS!!!

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pradeep sekhar said...

And Is Pepe Reina actually Usain Bolt in disguise? How the hell did he get to N'Gog first after the young Frenchman scored? I still haven't seen a replay, but he must ve been motoring!