Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pakistan's antisocial networking

As I draft this post, the number of common websites on the internet that have been forced to shutdown in Pakistan has touched double digit figures. Insanity on the part of bureaucrats in Pakistan has rocketed to such a level that "In the name of Allah", they've decided to ban these websites : Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail, Youtube, Google, Amazon, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, In the name of Allah and Islam Exposed. Some of the above websites do have derogatory content and are sure to hurt muslim sentiments undoubtedly. But Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon.....I cannot convince myself as to how they would have conjured up reasons for blocking them.

In general, human IQ is not even comparable with that of many other varieties of fauna on earth. It is quintessential for any brain to tell a cat from a dog or a hen from a donkey or some such obvious thing to qualify for human standards. Going by that argument, I can't find human brains in the failed  state of Pakistan. These things utterly make the issue insane. What these guys fail to understand is the fact that by banning these websites, they just make people more curious. It is like adding fuel to the fire. That observation is well supported from the fact that Pakistan tops the list in the number of porn or porn-related searches on the internet everyday. For people who haven't come to realize that porn is a contraband thingy, please be aware: Porn as such is banned in many countries around and yea, in Pakistan too.

There cannot be an internet session where one does not use Google search or one of Google's other numerous products. Google is so synonymous to the internet that the phrase "banning Google" can be equated to the phrase "banning Internet". Such policing-of-the-internet stuff has already been proved as a failure in countries with like-(no)-brains such as Saudi Arabia. On a philosophical note and in a generalized sense, "Any idea will have takers and naysayers". So from that point of view, Internet, being such a huge place, it is truly blasphemous to block a search engine on the grounds that it returns search results on derogatory content. Before we come to debate about the derogatory content, lets think about what Google could have done about this thing. A search engine will function as it should. If you don't like it, don't search. Simple. Banning the site?Blasphemous. And back to the content part, what could Bush do when the internet was replete with videos and articles like this, this and this? Answer: Nothing!.

I am not any expert on Islamic studies or anything of a religious sort, but for basics, I know one of the tenets of Islam is about tolerance and patience. These guys do not understand their own religion even as much as I do. What's more intriguing is: I noticed one chap who supports the decision saying:

"Good news, Google is just an Spy agency who work in favor of the CIA. as well as Yahoo and other shit american websites who trying to damage Islam image.

Down with America"

It gets even better, another guy says banning search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo per se - is a very good decision but he wants the legislators to give him "an alternate way" to search the internet. Lol! I wonder if entrepreneurs will sense an opportunity here. Anyone up for a start up in the search engine domain?? ROTFLMAO.

I am not able to comprehend that. Some one help me here. I think Pakistan is caught in some time warp and are yet to be welcomed into the 21st century.

P.S: I could not resist the temptation of putting the picture of THIS hairstyle here as pointed out by Vijay.


Boss said...
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Seventh Samurai said...

Ironically, when you look at the state of Pakistan today, a so-called reborn democracy, you can't help but feel that the country was at its most democratic and most peaceful under Musharraf's dictatorship.

The problem today in Pakistan is that there is no centralization of power. If democracy is not in practice, then the power needs to be at the hands of one or a group of individuals for there to be some sort of order.

The ISI is gallivanting around doing its own thing. The government officials are clueless as to who amongst them is boss. The so-called President Zardari is never to be seen. Neither is Gillani. Qureshi continues to make an arse out of himself and the Pakistani people day in and day out in front of the cameras.

Really, did you expect those in the Pakistani Ministry of Information Technology to be cerebral enough to make a better decision? Heck their website doesn't even load in time.

You expect better from a guy who has a hairstyle like THIS?

Pradeep Sekhar said...

@Vijay: Well said. I would like to point out one more thing: Honorable Mrs. Hillary Clinton is pumping a lot of money in the name of "aid" to a country which is filled with such cracks who are disastrously low on cerebral content. Sigh!! No value for money.

Seventh Samurai said...

Hillary & Obama don't have a choice. They have to keep pumping in money because there are nukes in Pakistan.

They fear Pakistani nukes even more than Iranian and North Korean nukes because unlike Pakistan, there are men in total charge in Iran and North Korea, however crazy they might be.

Nobody has complete control over all the nuclear facilities of Pakistan, and lastly the so-called government. The radicals will not think twice if they get their hands on them to send some flying in a few different directions. One on India, another on Israel. The US needs Pakistan's cooperation in order for them to maintain control over Afghanistan.

Hey but why are we talking about this? Pakistan has more important urgent problems to solve like people using google to search for content.

Anonymous said...

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