Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Calling for an extradition: Joel Stein

Joel Stein of TIME Magazine is who I am referring to in the title. For people who are caught unawares at this point, News channels are full of him at this moment. So switch on and check that out. For more accessibility, one can also click on this link and see what Joel Stein had to say about Indians at New Jersey in his latest column for TIME.

Firstly, Stein's attempt at a "hilarious" column has not been taken very peacefully by many Indians in America and outside. Coincidentally since his article revolves around 'Edison' in New Jersey, Kal Penn, an Indian-American actor decided to call his article as 'unique and groundbreaking' as Alva Edison himself. Now that observation was a one in a hundred (Noothla oru vartha in Tamil). Stein talks about Multiple Gods with multiple arms and elephant faces and says he did not have any racist intention. Multiple laughs and Multiple applauses please. Sigh!. Indian brains/heads were laughably characterized as "dot heads" and Stein, in his apology (that followed an outburst in the media) says he didn't mean to deride Indians. Now I really wonder if Stein had all of his sense in working condition when he wrote those shameful lines on that column and I wonder if he was in his senses at all when he tried to defend himself in the apology. I would advise Mr. Stein to visit downtown San Francisco and see the white drug addicts on the roads (his fellow American citizens) before calling immigrants 'dumb cousins'.  Half of America is dumb and that argument holds good for any nation. Not everybody can be 'not-dumb'.Infact, most of the Indian Americans in the current context are clearly part of a creamy layer from the country. This opinion is well supported by a recent surge in the positions of power that Indians hold in and outside the government of the United States.

The attempt as it has been labeled is definitely an attempt at humour and I would expect we guys take it in its hilarious sense rather than calling names at him. But targetting one immigrant occupied town and its people is a little bizarre for such a faous national magazine. I get reminded of a TIME magazine cover way back in 2006 with a gorgeous girl in dotted bindi. The cover page title was " Why the world's biggest democracy is the next great economic superpower." Anyway, there isn't much to talk about it sitting few thousands of miles away. Let us officially declare Stein as a "White" and deal the rest with him in person. Extradite him to India. We'll show you what the real, democratic and soon-to-be economic superpower India looks like.


Raring Roadster said...

jana gana mana part 2..!!

Raring Roadster said...

what the guy said is not fair.. but the issue is a little blown up..

Pradeep Sekhar said...

Agree da. I am not the kind who is like "Delhi Chalo" types for these petty things and I hate the media when it does this. Nevertheless, he did a mistake.

roguegene said...

I was not familiar of this issue before reading in ur blog.. What he did was definitely racist.. and very insensible.. I think he was blind with the love for his place that he came up with all these obvious insults at indians.. But to call that he wrote all that on a funny nerve without the intention to deride India is the ultimate comedy..

Pradeep Sekhar said...


Firstly, An introduction would be great. 'Roguegene' beats me completely when I try to decipher whose profile that could be. And coming to the matter, yea that guy did certain blunders in the phrases he chose. But he has been a really succesful columnist with a number of hilarious records to his name. He made a mistake. But whether it was intentional or not: is a debate we cannot conclude.