Monday, 9 November 2009

The Forum that is worthwhile

From now on, I have decided I would bring the most hilarious set of comments on The Football365 Forum after every match week to this space for the benefit of 'Football Freaky' readers of this blog.

Here is the latest one after the highly anticipated ManU - Chelsea clash

"- A Man Utd team that is meant to be out of form and grinding out results played the better football than Chelsea. This is a Chelsea team that is meant to be cutting through every team that stands in their path. Man Utd will hold no worries about the rest of the season. Undoubtedly as the season gets to Christmas, Utd will hit their stride. 5 point gap or not, Fergie will still fancy his team's chances.

- John Terry must be wearing Jamie Carragher's lucky pants because he can now haul Valencia down in the box. The rest of the world calls that a penalty. A referee at Stamford Bridge doesn't call it anything!

- Deco is crap. Playing good against Bolton is not an achievement. When John O'Shea is playing better than you, it's time to consider retirement or playing in Italy.

- Jamie Redknapp needs to sack his tailor. He is wearing the tightest trousers on Earth every time Sky do coverage and if he eats anything with a single calorie in it, they will split open on live TV.

- Obertan looks like a much better buy than Nani. I know that is like saying "Sleeping with Megan Fox is better than sleeping with Vanessa Feltz" but Obertan could still be a flop. But he came on, linked up intelligently, showed a few tricks that were productive and not show pony-esque. It might be too much to hope but Utd might finally have a genuine successor to Giggs on the left wing.

- Carrick must be dreading the return of Hargreaves. Fletcher and Anderson are clearly ahead of him and rightly so. They both offer more energy, arguably better passing and more power. Hargreaves fully fit and Carrick may find himself reduced to Carling Cup & FA Cup games.

- And finally...Johnny Evans should be knighted. Any man who wins a header against Drogba whilst drop kicking him in the chest deserves the nation's respect. Especially when he gets away with it!"


raghu said...

Agreed. Man U were def playing better than Chelsea and we were lucky enuf to win the game. btw i didnt watch the game...

Penalties - stop discussing abt penalties...every 3rd game we have a review of a bad penalty decision. Its become a routine now...and i am getting tired of this

Most interesting part of the game is 6+ mins of Extra time...Man U 1-0 down and they did not score...tats a rare sight...

pradeep sekhar said...

I appreciate your opinion in this space. Find time to catch up with the highlights of the match at the least and share your thoughts. Looking forward to it.

Manoj said...

Man Utd are not playing well. They scraped through several games in the early part of the season and are now finding it to difficult to even score!

pradeep sekhar said...

True, they are not the team they were last year. But United are known for Post-Boxing day heroics. Let us wait and watch