Thursday, 23 July 2009

On Humour

I came across this quiz called "What type of Humor is yours" on Facebook and i found it pretty interesting. It was more like those common IQ tests which are famous for asking you a bunch of really unrelated questions and in the end giving a result, apparently derived from your answering pattern. This one interested me though, for the result said that my humor falls into the category of "Humor by Exaggeration".

Talking of humor, i really can't stop myself from mentioning about the nuances in PG Wodehouse' writings. That in my opinion is real humor. I call it so just because i see it covering all types and variations including- "Turn of Phrase", "Pun", "Exaggeration", "Understatement", "Irony", "Sarcasm" and "Satire". What remains to be addressed is the way each person reacts to these types of humor. It is a common observation that some people are aroused when a joke comes in the form of sarcasm and some others may like a simple turn of phrase.

When I see that humor can be classified, defined, debated and discussed, I immediately relate to how we encounter many of these instances day in and day out. Philosophy and medicine have not stopped short of recommendations relating to smile, laughter,fun and happiness as therapeutic catalysts. I appreciate the "Slapstick" form of humor specifically. It takes a chunk of inborn talent for one to be good at slap sticks. I have had a couple of friends whose colloquial discussions include a plethora of these.

These are some points that one could consider when trying to be humorous on any given occasion.

To be funny, the humour should be said in a spirit of fun.
2.Humour should be unannounced and told with a straight face (you don't want to laugh before your audience does).
3.The humour will die if you fumble over words or stumble during the punch line.
4.In public speaking, as it is with conversation, the telling of humour should be effortless and natural.
5.To be effective in public speaking the humour should be relevant to the points being made. It is woven into the fabric of the speech.

“Turn up the heat,” said John coldly- no matter what, 'is' a joke. But it depends on the timing of the sentence delivery. You may see how bad it looks when i have quoted it here (disastrously out of context).

To wind up, I confess boldly that I am in the middle of a small exercise to improve my hilariousness and hence the post--which I am sure is itself a huge "Slapstick" to the readers. Hope someone out there likes to read about humor.

Let the reader live in peace......Amen!!!!


Madan Chander said...

Good post. Nice way of writing.
Keep em comin. "Turn up the heat"...

What the hell is with u and ur obsession with PG Wodehouse???
Its like a small kid and candy !!

pradeep sekhar said...

Thanks buddy....Coming to this PG Wodehouse thing, I have become addicted to his books and you wouldn't believe if i said i am close to hitting a quarter century of his collection which i started about 4 months back. A small piece of advice for you would be to start reading his books. You'll get the feel after one or two books.

Arjun said...

mudiyala saaami...
onnod humour thaaanga mudila..
i thot the line abt the reader living in peace came a lil too late...
this post killed me wen i was halfway thru..
ill give u a lil advice..
nex time blog wen ur sure it ll be humourous!

pradeep sekhar said...

On this topic of humour, i just realize that "we both do not vibrate on the same plane. I dont feel you resonate." Anyway, il try writing when drunk.