Monday, 6 July 2009

Downtown Tadipatri !!!!~!!!!

The merits and demerits of the "Life at the Country Side" is an age-old topic and i have come to discuss the same in this space. And here I am, back from a first-hand country side Experience. This post is dedicated to my visit to a small township on a hillock near downtown "Tadipatri" where i spent my blissful weekend. Tadipatri is a small town located en route to Chennai from Hyderabad and it is worth mentioning that it boasts of UltraTech's largest Cement Plant in Asia.

To start with, i concede to the fact that "Life downtown" is always a better bet than the one which involves the hustles and the hullabaloo of the metro. As part of the "clan" at college which threw tantrums at villages and village dwellers from down south, I have been actively involved in mocking at the way civilizations have, by far, neglected those people, who we are at this point, debating about.

My weekend involved a really splendid outing to my best friend's sweet home near Tadipatri. Nature was at its best and the gated community had loads to offer when I did my first sightseeing around the township on Saturday. The greenery and the peaceful community that inhabited this township, was so new to me for I have more or less grown up in a city, brought up with all the mall culture and other typical metro offerings.

I would like to introduce the four characters in this post who would be henceforth referred to as "
Sir TPJ"(Daddy), "Rchie"(Sissy), "Chota Don"(Friend) and "Aunt Bliss"(Mommy). To talk of Sir TPJ, it would be a gross understatement if i just say he is a revered gentleman who commands a respectable position at this Township which nurtures a group of little over 1000 people from various parts of the country. Aunt Bliss is a wonderful cook and she loves cooking " elaborate four course meals" "three times a day". Fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner came from nearby gardens and the delicacies straight from Aunt Bliss' kitchen are worth mentioning. Rchie is the sweet sis who is currently enjoying her summer holidays back home and Chota Don is waiting to join college for his post graduate studies.

The wonderful weekend involved the fantastic walk down the park, delicious food served at regular intervals throughout the day, Malayalam movie on Asianet, UNO Card games, badminton outing, late night wodehouse humor, hot career discussions, dinner time family chit chats, Channel V Music hits, evening time lychee treats, endless football story times and lastly, the marathon Wimbledon final to finish it off. That final was one of the best tennis matches that i have been witness to, till date. A-Rod was at his career best only to lose out to the damned luck (courtesy: Fedex's "Black Magic") at the end of the day. The 5 hour finale bade good bye to me along with this cute family of four who took up the task of entertaining me for the weekend.
Needless to say they did a fantastic job out of it and i would fail miserably if i miss out on mentioning the elegant Urbana "Tie and Handkerchief set" which was my parting gift.

This post is purely a tribute to the place and people that made my weekend downtown so remarkable. When it all turns nostalgic later one day, and i go back to turn the pages of my life fervently, these two pages would without doubt be a "highlighted couple" that would keep me entrenched in emotions for ages to come.

P.S: Uploaded a few snaps


Chaitan said...

how do we get there from hydbad? Seems good.....would love to visit it.

Arjun said...

U ve made this place sound like heaven!..i ve been here 12 years now..n maybe now i feel that way too after reading this by you...very well written..keep going..
cha..chota don aakitiye da!..
PS: nice..u mentioned black magic!

pradeep sekhar said...

@Arjun: Vageesh would not digest this post if i had not branded you that. After all that nick was his suggestion :-). And by saying "tribute" i wholeheartedly meant it and i know aunty would be happy to hear about that. :-)

@Chaitan: This is 6 hrs from Hyd. You can take the chennai egmore bound kacheguda express or the chitoor train called venkatadri. This one is a cool place to be. A respite from the busy city routine that ruins the beauty of many a thing in our lives.

vagabond911 said...

You've made a Parched up place in A.P to look like Switzerland.. Though Scenic & Serene I guess you can find very many places like this in India(Minus the hospitality incurred at Arjun's) Nice Post tho' but I expected a lil' more..

pradeep sekhar said...

@vageesh: i know you wanted this to be a post full of mockery on "chota don". but this is all i could manage for the hospitality and the like which u mentioned. But u know what? i bet u would come down and say coimbatore has many more beautiful places like this one. and this is not so great n all. But all said and done we had after all been in the same club throwing the "tadipatri not found in google maps" tantrum.

kingkau said...

wotha! wonderful travelouge da Prad!
My train from Mumbai brought me through Tadipatri...and that was just a couplah weeks ago! You've made me feel for missing it.

@Zone:So you still at home uh! Damn, I wish I had known..would have jumped off my train to visit you.

pradeep sekhar said...

Hey da thanks.. zone is doing so fine. He is resting back at home, though he's got only a week more to go before he leaves for college. And yeah i went down on a small weekend trip.twas good!!