Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A Virus Called "Tamilnaduisation"

A New virus called 'Tamilnaduisation' has gained importance in the Indian political scenario of late. To go to the roots of the virus, it would take a trip back to the so called golden era during Dr. MGR's regime. It all started when the political scenario took an important turn. This period started something called 'marginalisation of mainstream parties' and 'the strengthening of regional forces'. These are essentially the two mains aspects of 'Tamilnaduisation'. It has been a very widely known fact that the vote bank politics in tamil nadu is very different from the rest of India. Voters in Tamil Nadu have been reacting to both union and state elections in a uniform manner. The discrimination between national parties and regional parties, in my opinion, needs to be a part of the voters' decision. Lack of such secerning traits has led to the reign of regional parties from the state in the national elections scenario for years.

This years's election build up is beginning to show signs of this virus spreading to a couple of northern states, notably Uttar Pradesh. The fact that BSP has got a majority of its own in the state elections signifies the most concrete consolidation of 'Tamilnaduisation'. Both NDA and UPA have been alienated by recent developments in the state. It looks very much likely that UP will imitate Tamil nadu's behaviour in the coming elections. UPA and NDA have lost the stronghold in the state due to the recent snubs from the local behemoths. The political clout in the northen region in general is shifting towards Lalu and Mayawati. It wouldn't take too long before this phenomenon leaks into other states. The main effect of such a development would be the question of the stability of strong coalitions which have formed an integral part of the last two elections in the country.

Personally, I detest such a virus from spreading across the country which would hold integrity of indian politics at stake. A far fetched conclusion from these developments would not rule out the impact that "cricket in politics" can create, synonymous to the impact of 'Tamilnaduisation'. According to recent statistics, 17 of the 27 State Cricket associations in the country have politically strong people at their top brass. Also It has been noted that movie stars who struggle and win LS seats from big tickets of the likes of Congress and BJP fail to make it to the assembly and deliver their duties after all. Govinda, recently lost his congress ticket from Uttar Pradesh on similar grounds. Regional stonghold, Influence of Cinema and Cricketing factors which threaten to reshape the way Union Leaders get elected would in a broader sense introduce two things- 'Lack of integrity in the government' and 'Granular Corruption at the state level'. Granular corruption is a topic in itself and i propose to discuss it in a later post. For now, it is something close to creation of new and smaller packets which act as sources for diversifying the roots of corruption. Now it is important for the voter to start thinking about the importance of secerning national parties from regional parties in the view of union elections. Lead India 09 is giving such tips to voters which aid the voters' decision making process. Help Yourselves!!!!

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