Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Thirty things I would like to do before I am 30. This is yet another Tagged post (this time by one of my old school pals).

Ok here it goes....

1. Add a PGDM behind my initials.
2. Work for a consultancy firm and analyze a big thing like the Tata Nano Release or an RIL-RPL merger.
3. Complete the IMDB list of Top 250.
4. Read all of the 90 odd works by P.G.Wodehouse.
5. Start a Retail Chain of something really innovative-may be jewellery...lolzzz
6. Create and shoot an advertisement for Vodafone or Pepsi.
7. Play a protagonist in a documentary.
8. Win an All India Chess tournament.
9. Carry my bat in a 30 over a side domestic cricket match after opening the innings.
10. Taste Champagne.
11. Watch a United-Arsenal match at Old Trafford.
12. Watch a football match on boxing day at a pub in London.
13. Walk along the LOC in the kupwara sector or Poonch District.
14. Design my dream home from scratch.
15. Eat all possible chocolate varieties from around the world.
16. Cook an elaborate meal for a group of 10.
17. Build a Personal library of over 500 books I have read.
18. Give a lecture on Theology or Philosophy at some prestigious management school.
19. Go on a world tour with family.
20. Eat only chocolates from morning to night on a single day.
21. Spend a night on a star cruise deep in the middle of the seas.
22. Shoot 10 terrorists in a guerilla fight.
23. Serve the Indian Air Force for a short period.
24. Be a commentator alongside Harsha Bhogle for an India-Australia match down under.
25. Conduct a Sports quiz at the national level.
26. Own a super market in some hill station.
27. Write an article for the Time Magazine.
28. Dine with Warren Buffet on a moonlit night in Mexico.
29. Coach a Division II football team in England.
30. Officiate an international cricket match.


vagabond911 said...

No 27 ku bright chances theriyudhu

pradeep sekhar said...

Dei unoda nakkal ku korachale illa da..enak manager aana apram vela vangi kudu modhala...apram adh ellam pakalam

Hari said...

"28. Dine with Warren Buffet on a moonlit night in Mexico."

Dude! He's a guy! And he's nearly 80!

Why! :D

But the rest of the points I can pretty much connect with :)

pradeep sekhar said...

Moonlit was just to emphasize the importance of the meeting and the one on one aspect of it. Nothing Romantic.Now many people have raised this point and i would like to announce that i am Straight. No doubts