Monday, 30 May 2011

Conclusions from Wembley!

Before I go on to say "Congrats Barca" or shower some other adulation to convey that emotion, let me put forward one strong opinion of mine forward. You CANNOT beat a team like Barcelona with a central mid field pair of Michael (inconsistency) Carrick and Ryan (Unlucky) Giggs!. I mean, it is just suicidal to counter Iniesta and Xavi with Carrick and Giggs. It was clear right at the start, when the team charts were out. One of them can't run and press fiercely while the other hasn't gone to a proper soccer school in his formative years. An important disclaimer for readers here : If you cannot read between lines at this particular juncture and understand who's who in the sentence above, please hit red on your top right. This is not your serving of cauliflower.

Coming to the usual rituals that we need to perform after that stunning performance, let us congratulate Barca, Messi, Xavi and Guardiola for some invincible displays overall. Kudos to them. Manchester United have not been mauled at a big stage like this before. To beat the best English team this season, in a manner like that, takes some impeccable class and that is exactly what Barca showed they possess. Now to the conclusions,

1. Michael Carrick can never prove to the footballing audience in England and elsewhere that he actually has some sort of soccer stuff in him.

2. Barcelona proved to the world yet again that they are the best in the world by a really long distance.

3. It would be to state the facts as they are if we said that Manchester United were the better of the worse in the English Premier League this season. They did not play like champions.

4. Xavi is unequal to any other mid fielder of recent times. He is just a class apart.

5. It is nothing wrong if we said Messi is even bigger than Maradona.

6. Alex Ferguson showed some character for the first time in my living memory by way of heartily congratulating Guardiola after the match and by showering praises in plenty, slightly after the match, in the media.

7. We are probably nearing the end of a fantastic era in world football, that has been defined with some managerial class by messrs. SAF.

8. It is definitely not the way a man like VDS should have retired for what he has achieved with the gloves.

9. Manchester United need to buy some top quality players in the summer window to re-instill some confidence in the fans' minds, especially after an abysmal performance like that.

10. That match is definitely a disgrace to English Football and it will take some time to heal the wound. May be years.!!!

Once again, Barcelona won it like champions, clean, smooth, wonderful!

P.S : I am still trying to reason with myself about Valencia not being sent off for a disastrous defensive display, time and again in those 90 minutes.

P.P.S : Wayne Rooney's goal was a good one really, though it came against the run of play and did not come of a properly orchestrated attacking manoeuvre.


Manoj said...

No shame in losing to 'this' team. They are simply the best.

Pradeep Sekhar said...

@Manoj : Yea, we have to concede that fact. Saw the Little Master announcing departure?

Pradeep Sekhar said...

Glad he is staying at OT though

Manoj said... one can replace him.. Hope we buy some established midfielders in the summer...