Tuesday, 5 April 2011

16 Conclusions after the WC final

I love the idea of 16 conclusions after each football weekend (mostly the big ones) on football365 and I thought it is worth doing one after the biggest thing in cricketing history for India. Here it goes....

1. Sachin, thank you for bringing it at last. You might have failed in the final match. But it was under your guidance that the chaps could pull it off

2. Kirsten, You are just Legen....wait for it.....dary

3. Gambhir, Salute, what an innings..but next time apply some thought to personal accolades too. Now you've lost a massive chance to tell your grand children about that one century

4. Zak, You are still the best bowler we have had in the past decade. It's ok to leak a few runs like you did towards the end. You gave the dream start anyways

5. Do not call for a review again in your life Mr Sehwhack, unless Sachin tells you to.

6. Virat, you have the class. We are waiting for your time to come. You will take center-stage one day.

7. Dilshan, you took a brilliant catch, but then stop shouting those dirty things. Takes the class out of that brilliant moment when you grabbed it.

8. Sang, Kudos....you were a gentleman, unlike Shahid, who blew it after reaching home.

9. Malinga, try a hair cut...might work out for the next final. Your team can't lose three in a row.

10. Mr Srikanth, Never ever pick Mr. Santhakumaran for a one day cricket match.

11. Ashwin, I like your down to earth approach. Do not get heavy anytime and there's future.

12. Yuvi, you were the most aggressive in this tournament. You were just loved and I am sure your roster of female fans is going to reach the size of the 2G scam initial report that the CBI have submitted for the judges to read (80000 pages)

13. Captain Cool, Don't listen to Musharaf. See, it paid off....(P.S : I ve turned gay since April 2, 2011 after that six and that head tonsure.)

14. Indian team, Our domination has just begun. The country wants to keep this going for longer than the Australians kept it with them.

15. Virat Kohli's statement about carrying the master on our shoulders was the best of all reactions that day. Goosebumps...Really!!!

16. Readers, we've bleeded really light blue...and that has worked...time to bleed yellow now...Bring on the bharat bandh!


Madan Chander said...

adhellam seri da machi... irundhaalum ennoda oru kelvi ku badhil indha 16 la illa...
kelvi enna na......................?

Indha potti la SUNT TV varuma??

Pradeep Sekhar said...

madan: april 13 varikum sun tv la verum kani (election meetngs) than.adhk apram thn money(ipl)

murali said...


Pradeep Sekhar said...

ROAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! I am displaying a 'gay' banner on the inaugral match day!!!!!!

raghu said...

did someone miscommunicate to sehwag that UDRS mean the "once, twice, thrice or 1G or 2G" terms that we use in the streets?

Pradeep Sekhar said...

@Raghu : Lol, He thought UDRS would spot the two tip catch...1 tip illa...thingy! :-D

madhu said...

good one da Pradeep....