Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Worst start to the world cup days?????

I have been watching almost all the matches in these 4 days since the start of the African fever. For one thing, I am not at all a satisfied football fan. To hell with these ridiculous vuvuzelas. One just can't concentrate and enjoy the football. Leave alone the french team complaining about vuvuzelas in action from 6:00 am waking them up from their slumber. I just can't concentrate on watching it. Sickening sound I say. Why are they still contemplating if that infernal thing should be banned or not? I thought Africa was all about dancing, singing etc and what did I get? a monotonous drone that does no good to mankind.

Being an England fan myself, I know it feels sick to say this. But there is a better chance for England to win the world cup than for the atmosphere to get any better during matches. Yes, first of all, By jove, I missed live action from the England vs USA starter. Blame on the overdose of chemicals and scientific advancements in the field of alcohol research. Sleep got the better of me. But I did watch the highlights to find out how my team fared. Fail, they were toothless. Fat Frank disappointed with an almost nil presence. Rooney was everywhere except inside the box and Heskey should better try his hands at Indianized games like Kabbadi instead of playing football at the international level. Peter Crouch should be banned from being called a striker. Period. Jamie Carragher should be asked to run a 100m sprint alongside Don Bosco kids from Chennai. My money on the kids. Disappointment. Agreed that USA are not a bad team at all and England had a far better display compared to their previous world cup. USA also defeated a full strength Spanish team in the confederations cup. But we are talking of a team's chances of winning the world cup and on that front, England doesn't look any good.

Few observations:

1. Germany look impressive, but one should wait and watch when they play a decent enough team that is aware of a few tactics like "pressing", "man-marking" etc. in the game of football. Their midfield had all the space in the world to create chances. But they were good enough. Klose scores after a dull league season. Mueller looks great.

2. England look mediocre. Why is Gerrard made to play a defensive role? Why didn't you take Agbonlahor Mr.Capello????

3. There have been very very few goals so far in this world cup.

4. England fans made some noise and most importantly managed to outperform the vuvuzelas decibel wise. There was some sound from them. But certainly nothing from the rest of the supporters. The other supporters just can't beat the sound of the vuvuzelas???

5. Green is not a bad keeper after all. But why don't we trust in experience to deliver? Give the gloves to the dying James. Please. No more goal keeping blushes for England!! We've had them in plenty already.

6. When Miroslav Klose is so close to being the all time top goal scorer in world cups (4 more to get past Ronaldo), why are we talking about Rooney, Messi, Torres and not him???

Overall, the start to the world cup has not been the best, especially if you are an English fan. But hope never dies. Bring on Algeria. Rooney, please get back to form. Wait. Before that, please get back into the box. And somebody please prove Germany is not all that strong. That was Australia being a pot of shit. Not German brilliance.


raghu said...

its just the start and after all its the world cup. Teams are just precautious not to loose the very first game and if they do player under the pressure for the next two games put them in trouble.

But Germany, Messi and Mesut Ozil were good enuf entertainment

Pradeep Sekhar said...

Agree with Ozil and Germany. But mark my words. Messi wouldn't sparkle. And I don't see anything good from England, Italy or France. Three big teams look disappointing. Waiting to see if Portugal or Brazil can prove any good. Sans Nani i can't visualize a fearful attack from Portugal. Brazil have kept their cards close to their chest. And sans Ronaldinho, lets see how it goes for them

Vicky said...

Dude..Don get dis frustrated.M tellin as a fellow English fan.It was disappointing though.M sure wen barry is back v can pull the strings and bring back the qualification form.U r rite abt Germany.Shud wait n watch..

Pradeep Sekhar said...

Yea, I haven't lost any hope whatsoever on England. And with the swiss knife deep inside the Spanish Armada, England's result looks better uh. Lol!!!!! I am partying after the swiss victory!!!