Thursday, 8 April 2010

Long time no see...but what a sad result that is supposed to be

After a long hiatus due to unavoidable reasons like disinterest, laziness, IPL, Football etc.. I am unable to control myself from penning down a few thoughts after Man United's shabby exit from the Champions League'10.

1. The risk that was involved in choosing to start Rafael backfired disastrously. Inexperience from him. The Neviller would have kept it 11 vs 11. But I am convinced the Germans enacted a stage play to influence the referee into the booking. It was 35 yards from goal and not many referees would have decided to hand the red.

2. Franck Ribery is not worth 45 million by any standards. He looked like a pot of shit.

3. Sir Alex would rue the miss in the signing of Arjen Robben when he was unsettled at Chelsea.

4. Carrick took a huge role in both the goals that the Germans scored and was instrumental in assisting them. He did that in great fashion. He has repeatedly shown he is not the United class in any sense. Pack him off please and where the hell is that man Hargreaves?

5. Could Nani be the next sensation at Manchester? He looks to be emulating Ronaldo in the build up to a bright United career.

6. Starting Rooney as a surprise was a tactically bold move and surely inflicted a moral defeat to the germans even before the game. But after 3 - 0 up at 40'' and while the lad is limping heavily and the rest are not passing to him, where the hell is the doubt? It was clearly time to remove him. United were rest assured at that point and were playing some good football only to lose the chances because their forward was limping.

7. Having criticized Rafael for his imbecile act, it should not be forgotten that he scared the shit out of Ribery and gave him no space whatsoever. His excellence in having achieved that in the 50 minutes that he played was one major reason the germans surrounded the referee.

8. So Sans Ronaldo what we can win is the Carling Cup only?

9. England is out of the Champions league with that result and what does it explain? Sir Alex, Wenger, Benitez..can you please stop selling the best players from the league? Ronaldo, Alonso, Flamini.....

10. How good will it feel to be a Barcelona fan right now? The only possible threat to their successive triumphs has been brushed aside. Now what?The catalans can go and party. It is in the bag already!

11. Olic has the kind of face that you feel like punching till it gets out of shape. He is such a sore in the eyes of a United fan. Sigh!!

12. This result is a lesson to Fleet Street because that explains to them..There are really good teams outside England and specifically out of London.

13. And finally, let's not try to hide facts...Messi is the best player in the world by a mile and if any english team wants to contend that fact, I don't see any ray of hope. It is plain on paper. English football is on the decline.

Having said that, I wouldn't stop supporting England for the World Cup this year, I am hopeful...Fabio Capello can turn it around...


raghu said...

@1 - ribery would have run riot around neviller and rafael was def a better choice since he had the pace to chase ribery

@2 - cris. ronaldo is worth not even 20 mill when u look at him in the games against barca in CL. same happened to ribery better teams have better defenders to mark players. ronaldo score 4 goals against birmingham and so does ribery against some minnow in bundesliga

@3 - robben to manyoo. I think Sir Purple Red Nose did not want another selfish player when he had ronaldo in his team already

@4 - carrick, well said, no comments

@6 - Sir Purple Red Nose always plays this mind game. I expected rooney to start the chelsea game itself. Just miss aayduchu.

@7 - agreed

@8 - Defn. yes as a chelsea fan. No wait till the end as a gen spectator.

@9 - please dont put the name benitez along side the other two. it looks like a disgrace even on papers

@10 - Nopes. You have to cross the Special One.

@11 - haha...good lad

@13 - little too early to say that. Manyoo/Arsenal exit in CL doesnt define english football. It is the spirit with which teams like everton,birmingham,fulham have performed this season determines that. These teams are seriously playing football of a very high level.

@14 - England - QF may be. to go more than that you need rooney to really run a goal riot.

Pradeep Sekhar said...

@Raghu:Agree with many...Disagree strongly with one... EVERTON, FULHAM, BIRMINGHAM????????Boss, we are talking about champions league football...and the situations being as they are, England would send ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea and one of Tot, ManC, Villa to Champs league. Now doesn't it look shabby? Benfica or AZ Alkmaar or some such team would thrash this fourth proponent in the grou stages. Surely a dent to English football is on the cards

raghu said...

Dei, am not saying these teams are gonna be contenders for CL. Just saying since these teams play well the overall competitiveness of EPL becomes more and only the teams that progress to CL would be of better quality.

Fulham in Europa League, Everton in 2010 in EPL and Birmingham generally their game is really good they are not the extremely physical/ultra defensive teams like stoke/wigan.

Spurs there is a fair chance but ManC thrashed by Benfica or way. I would seriously want to see ManC go through to CL.

Pradeep Sekhar said...

I like your faith in Man City!!! But boy!!! sorry about that. They are going to be ugly in Europe!! No doubts