Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Life would have been better If

  • If I did not stop quizzing after high school because it involved a lot of preparation if one had to make a mark when on stage
  • If I really cultivated the habit of reading way earlier in life (say 7th standard or something)
  • If I concentrated on my chess and took it further when i started playing during my school days
  • If I did not take up engineering after school
  • If I did not opt for a dual degree from BITS ahead of a Comp. Sci degree at Anna University
  • If I knew after school that Journalism was a decently paying career option
  • If I did not appreciate the fact that getting high when in college was a fantasy
  • If I had inherited loads of money and a big business to look after when i graduated
  • If I really utilized my five years in BITS for constructive purposes
  • If I had the courage and money to start up on my own when I wrote my first business plan
  • If I really did not think MBA was the easiest path to money
  • If I did not choose Software Development for my First Job just because it pays me well
  • If I was born in a meagerly populated country
  • If I knew how to manage time better
  • If I was not the lazy goose that I am
  • If Engineers in the country got high paying management jobs right after graduation
  • If I could work from home always instead of going to the workplace daily
  • If I had realized PG Wodehouse is the most hilarious writer quite earlier
  • If I don't suffer from "lethologica" as frequently as I do
  • If I was really not in the position to write this post after all
These are a few of the million things that I regret for having done in Life. I bet everyone has a big list like this one and I know this post is one with which I can tag other bloggers after all.

After writing so much of what i feel, I am sure i have made quite a big deal "Thinking Aloud".

No points for guessing that I am a big pessimist after one reads this.


Hari said...

Machi, I am slighta skeptical of the notion that if one had the chance to live his/her life all over again, things would be much better. I mean, its all very well saying, 'If I'd done X I might have gotten Y and therefore the sailing would have been smoother'.

You're just as likely to draw up a similar gripe-list if you could go back and change things. Butterfly effect :) Things are meant to screw with you. By going back and redoing things, you only change what things screw with you, you're really helpless about controlling the extent of the screwing.

And well, I don't really have a list as big as this - but I am positive it'd be a bigger gripe list if I were to live my life all over again :)

And you write really well da, keep the posts coming!

pradeep sekhar said...


Hey, First of all Thanks for the compliment. Writing is one of the very few things that i get to do apart from coding.

And in the context of what you have mentioned, A chance to live the life all over again would be like a wish in the first place. And i second you on your point that this gripe-list is one which is just a list of screwed up things of the past. And for the usage of the word "helpless" in your comment, omg i bow down. That exactly sums up what i felt while i penned down these thoughts.

murali said...

My day would have been much better... if i had not bothered to read such a useless post :P :P

Always considered ur blogs to be interesting.. until now..

pradeep sekhar said...


Yes it would be boring for people like you who are pretty much happy with life. I bet you are a proud achiever USA terror!!!!

Navin said...

Life will always be better , do not attach if's and but's to it :).

pradeep sekhar said...


Yea Boy!! That was energetic and thought provoking. After all, positive attitude is all that you preached whilst we had our farewell "session", didn't you? :-)

musafir said...

life isnt over yet - still time to make it better

pradeep sekhar said...


Hey I am not too sure if we know each other. You would mind giving a brief intro?

And thanks for that thought provoking comment. I am looking to get more and more of this positive breath into me. That does make a point. We have a long way to go!!!!

Madan Chander said...

Life would have been better if - you hadnt written this list and make urself more miserable...

Live each moment... fcuk the past... and definitely fcuk the future... it'll make sure u're happy..

Think of it this way... U can only use the "if" in referring to the past (Life 'would have been' better if) or future (Life 'can be' better if)... never to the present... thats itself says loads... Cheer Up Boy !!!

pradeep sekhar said...


Yea I know there is no use looking back and I understand how important it is to just "live the moment". But when you turn nostalgic and starting brooding over your own past, things tell you where what went wrong and hence the post. :-)