Monday, 29 August 2011

No, it was Boys vs Boys only!

My work timings usually show a canny pattern. Late Monday mornings, early Friday evenings and mid week absconding are clear indications. I have never hit the accelerator anytime before 9:30 AM when it comes to a Monday morning after 2 full days of lazing, typical TGIF, OGIM (Oh God, It's Monday) syndromes, so to speak. But today marked a rather deviating phenomenon. I opened the '',', '' and '' in that order, as early as 9:10 AM. Reason : I couldn't sleep. I missed the massive Man U - Arsenal clash yesterday owing to travel and though I knew the scoreline and other statistics since I was following it live from my Android application, I wanted to take a look at the highlights as soon as possible and my fingers were itching to hit footytube for a quick look at the highlights.

The last time Arsenal conceded 8 goals was back in 1896. We all know that the Arsenal team that played yesterday night was a very weakened one. But nobody is going to remember that night as a hiccup for a weakened Arsenal side. It would rather be remembered as "That great 8-2 mauling by United". And more importantly, it was not Men vs Boys but was an "average age 23" vs "an average age 23" affair.

What strikes me most is the fact that Arsenal are staring at this "not enough players who are fit" problem so early in the season. Usually, they do so towards the end and more often than not use it as an alibi for their shambolic displays from February to May.

I noticed some bizarre transfer market stats somewhere on the internet. It read as follows:

Net spending done by Arsenal over the last 10 years : -4224000 pounds (They've made money if you notice the minus sign)
Net spending done by United over the last 10 years :172651600 pounds
Net spending done by Chelsea over the last 10 years :540095600 pounds.

Competing for the title, winning trophies and other allied pleasures and accomplishments, that Wenger considers trival and pointless, are just not achievable with these kinds of numbers. I remember Arsenal fans calling names at players when they left for money. Ca$hley, Moneybayor and many more. Look at City. They spent, tried, spent more, tried more, spent even more and now have a formidable team, which on paper, looks like the best team in Europe. You can call Ashleys as Cashleys and all that sort of thing but to those players, it is after all work and what's the point when the team doesn't do well on the pitch? We quit our jobs and move on for better money and better prospects. Don't we? So many fans who are already in a state of disarray have started shouting at the top of their voice yet again. Spend some F**kin Cash. But this time, unlike earlier, Wenger cannot turn deaf ears to those cries. Looking at the league table now, with 1 point from 3 games, Arsenal are close to being in the relegation zone. It is now or never for Arsene, Arsenal and their bunch of self proclaimed "learned" fans. Money is money and Sport is sport and all that crap can gaily come to a close. To win, one needs money and success comes with intelligent investment (borrowing from management jargon). So, Hell yeah! Splash some cash or look down the drain.

On a different note, Manchester looks like the new football capital of England and with both the big guns throwing some weight this season, it sure looks as if the trophy shall stay at Manchester. But it'd be interesting to see if Chelsea (or Mata to be exact) can offer something of a fight to the title.

United fans, get the ball rolling and enjoy the moment, for this is one of the best times to be a United supporter.


raghu said...

its a very early call u have made mr.sekhar...both the games for manchester clubs were home games.

I guess it was luck and not quality that won manyure its first game which they stuttered very evidently (sametime i am not trying to say chelsea is superior i know they are in a real bad shape).

The other manchester club Oh boy! I see a new love in manyure fans for the other manchester club these are clubbing the total no of goals against london...planning to train together...planning of wearing half red half light blue t shirts what not? I guess this love is bcoz of fear or wait have u fans picked of some of purple nose's mind games?

3 games into the season and remember chelsea started pretty much the same fashion last time...but the season looks to be a promising many players settling in quick...lets wait and see...

Pradeep Sekhar said...

@Raghu :
1. Man city beat Tottenham like that "AWAY" and it wasn't a home game.
2. Calling the 8-2 luck makes your case very pointless. Loose words they are. Of course Man U played some good football with kids running the show.
3. There is no love for the "other" club. Fear is a better chose word to explain it. Yea, All of England is afraid of them now and it is not only me or my fellow Man U supporters.
4. Talking of Chelsea, they started better than this last year (In terms of style and class and not points) and if you remember right, the champions in the end (Man U) had a contrastingly opposite start last year. So we have to agree that they have started on a very promising note unlike last few years.
5. Chelsea look decent. No doubts. But United and City look better. The first game for United had a brilliant second half and a below par first half. As opposed to Chelsea's win against Norwich. Here I think luck is a well chosen adjective, so to speak.
6. All said and done, of course we have to wait and see. And I ain't calling anything too soon. I am just jubilant about the positive signs!

Yours Truly