Thursday, 17 March 2011

Why Ashwin should play this Sunday

With the world cup reaching its second phase in a really short while, teams are looking to get past the small mistakes that have made them look like clowns (Indian team in mind). One should keep in mind that all stadiums have had their first round of matches and there has been a good amount of wear and tear. That definitely means that spin will become all the more important. For a team that has been known for its deadly spin bowling attack in the last decade, this is the time they should start proving themselves to be good at their home turf.

Already, the ball has been tossed up to the spinners in the early overs and power plays. Zaheer, Nehra and the like are not getting their first spell quota of 5 overs apiece. With the pitches looking to appear more abrasive than earlier, it is important to bring the young man into the fray and experiment his "so-called-confidence". Enough is enough. We have done more than required in giving a good number of games to Chawla in order to increase his confidence levels. Chennai, being ashwin's known battle ground, he is definitely the choice, given his familiarity of the conditions at the M.A Chidambaram. You don't need to be too intelligent to deduce that it means R Ashwin, happy to use the new ball, must play. It also means that Piyush Chawla must make way, and that is where Dhoni's selections have baffled many.

 Dhoni is showing signs of losing the plot and I think he has just enough time to get the combination right before the second phase kicks in. The quarter finals and further will be different ball game each time the team goes into the field. The slow bowlers' wit will definitely become all important and wicket taking abilities will pay off. It would be great if Ashwin can spring a surprise when he gets a chance against the Windies. I am going to be there to witness the magic. And i totally think this is India's last chance to throw the hat in the ring and show the glitters.

 Please bring on the guy. He was player of tournament on his biggest stage till date - the T20 Champions league!

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