Wednesday, 20 October 2010

We will "Roo" that in Janurary. All in "Wayne"

I was tossing and turning in my sleep last night as I was trying to figure out the inexplicable reason behind Rooney's decision to leave the club. Given the fact that Rooney made his intentions clear on August 14th (Just as the Premier League started), it all goes back to two major events of the past.
1. The big English flop in South Africa (especially after the Algeria game).
2. The Bayern Munich quarter final clash back in April.

Come to point two as it seems to have a lot of significance. Consider that Rooney was rushed back almost immediately for the 2nd leg and he ended up getting kicked by Demichelis so many times. He got taken off in the 2nd half and from then, he failed to recapture his form and couldn't score goals. Now continuing on the same lines to point one, That form was brought over to South Africa and he couldn't produce. I am not able to conjure up a better line of reasoning for this shocking announcement doing the rounds in the tabloids everywhere. If Rooney is leaving on this inexplicable reason, he is a disrespectful disgrace. All Fergie did was at his best interests at heart.If resting the fella too many times is the cause for all this s**t, God save that angry sweet potato, son'uva b***h.

Moving on to the next important thing that's everywhere, I don't see United getting £50m for him. not when he has 18 months of his contract left and has already stated that he won't sign another contract.And that leads us to the next million dollar question. Where next? Manchester City?Chelsea?or the usual suspect Real? Wherever he goes, I am pretty sure of one thing. Life will not be easy for him elsewhere.

 To cut a long story short, I dont see any major problem between United and him (apart from the two minor ones I discussed at the beginning. They shouldn't matter though.). Opening a completely new line of reasoning, I think he is mixing his personal life with football. And...........If he is so foolish to be doing THAT, He should go. And see what other clubs will do when he hits a bad patch. This club has respected him, nurtured him, supported him, believed in him. No other club will give so much space and exhibit so much tolerance like United did to that very talented, short tempered ASS.

And now folks, Does this mean we have to truly, madly, deeply love Berbatov now?

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